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2'3" , 95lbs
A dark beauty of blues, blacks, bronze and whites. Dorothy every bit of notion of what a fair maiden should be and a little more. Possessing lean muscle, soft fur filled with the scent of a spring's breeze and soft flowers and gentle blue eyes which could soothe the soul. Her smile seems infectious, and her voice soft as honey.

Scent: Spring Breeze and lavenders in bloom

A true hero; a good-natured, gullible and impressionable young maiden who can be somewhat easily manipulated. Her malleable, impressionable and anxious nature often comes off to others as her being submissive, gullible and spineless. She has a pronounced stutter, which easily gives off her insecurity. Which makes her the target of all sorts of mischief and demons of the night. She often has a low opinion of herself due to her lack of ability to live her life correctly. She tries to fit into the mold others give her in order to fit in and please those around her at the sacrifice of her own happiness and safety.

Her paranoia makes easily scared of the real world, easy to jump and generally easy to get a raise from. When not being scared of everything that wolves consider 'normal' and she likes things people consider weird, creepy or strange. She seeing the beauty of the least loved to downright monstrous. She believes that everyone can be nice if you try hard enough!

Although she does have her fears, she's willing to protect anyone who she considers a friend. Even if it means possibly dying. Once you make friends with her, she's a friend for life. She would annoy you in the dead of night, possibly in the morning too. It depending on when she has time.

Dorothy despite of it all, is considered heavily intelligent. She is quick to learn, quick to adapt and quick to answer. It's pretty shocking how easy she can remember. She can memorize almost everything word to word, and can be pretty handy when you're really forgetful.

Borealis Sinclair and Judas Sinclair
Love Interest
None yet
Extended Family
2 younger brothers

Dorothy was raised in a noble house in Yaurith. Sheltered in every sense of the word. Dorothy lived in her own world were she could play the perfect princess, sealed in a golden cage of the idea that she was raised to be nothing more than a bargaining chip. Her noble family plans to use her to gain power through an arranged marriage. To who? She does not know yet. Dorothy anxiously awaits the day were she could meet her possible husband now that she is old enough, but a part of her wants her to go out and explore the strange and scary world which she has not seen. There's a pull that calls her, and she's afraid to answer.



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