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Scent: white tea and ginger

pretentious && narcissistic Emmeline will literally fall over herself for those of importance. She'll put on all the airs to be accepted by those higher than her in order to feel like she deserves a seat beside them. She has no problem with running others through the mud so she herself can stand on them to get further along. Ila raised her daughter to never look down upon herself and the she-wolf took no other lesson more seriously. She cares only for her own desires - she could easily see a pup be beaten to death before her eyes and watch with fascination. Thinking that such a useless small thing probably deserved it. She is in love with herself and thinks that others are below her station.

selfish && competitive unable to pull herself out of her own commitment to her. the female doesn't know how to truly care for others. her attempts at "helping" are weak and fueled by a desire to get ahead or in the good graces of others. she simply put - is not capable of feeling for other beings. If a situation is between her and another she'd always choose herself first and foremost. Emmeline hates to lose whether it be a match of wits or brawn. On top of it she is a sore loser so expect to be sabotaged if you dare to best her in well anything.

hardworking && resourceful The she-wolf was thrust into order life by her own mother who didn't care to directly raise her own pups. The young pup had to strive to work hard to earn her place among the order or be left to starve otherwise. This taught her the true way of the world and that nothing was given freely or easily. She puts her best paws forward into anything she does. Given that she has limited resources she strives to find solutions to her own problems. She's not naive to think some white knight is going to sweep her off her paws to save her from her problems.

Rhonwen Abraxas x Ila Cassadin
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Emmeline was born to an Ila and that was all she knew and told she needed to know about her birth. When she prompted questions about who her father was she'd just receive a cold stare or a slap on the muzzle or ignoring her mother's wishes. In the beginning, it was Emmeline who was born smaller weaker than her slightly older siblings. Ila didn't fuss over Emmeline in the same way as her other sibling fearing the small creature may die anyway so what was the bother. Despite the odds and lack of care stacked against her, the little latte cinnamon-colored wolf survived the harsh winter of her young pup-hood. Ila quickly grew bored of having to keep the two little bundles alive - once they'd been weaned from her breast she'd thrust them into the order's ranks. Emmeline's relationship had already been strained when her mother pushed her aside as a newborn fearing she wouldn't make it. The tiny wolf held a deep resentment toward her larger siblings and it would be the start of her down spiraling personality. Insanely jealous of any other pups that received praise from the superiors that oversaw the little orphan group. It sparked the first match of rage in the she-wolf. She took every chance to sabotage her peers. When she was given the task of preparing bandages she soaked them in poisonous weeds. Preparing hot meals she'd sprinkle in diarrhea-causing brews that would encumber them for days. The female's desire to crush her "opponents" was fiercely instilled within her flesh and blood. The order's caretaker staff came to fall under the suspicion that Emmeline may be the mastermind behind these strange and odd occurrences. She was not discouraged from her off-handed tactics instead she was lifted higher than her peers. Given new and unique training that would spur her on to degrade and belittle those who'd now fallen below her.



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