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Amphi and Snow-body


Scent: Smoky cade, white bergamot, vanilla
Voice: rough, whiskey, smoky

He is a conglomeration of a thousand different traits, thrown together, each fighting for dominance over the others. He is a loose cannon, but boy does it suit him. Under the charming veneer lurks a monster. He’s cunning, taking everything that is thrown at him and finds a way to manipulate what he wants it to be. He is the master of disguise and can be whoever suits him best for whatever task. He has only ever cared about one thing, his deepest obsession: pain in all its forms. It drives him as nothing else ever has, can, or will. Second, he is loyal to the family, his blood is theirs for the spilling.

Oh, yes, he is sadistic, cruel, sardonic, and downright evil. He has embraced everything about his life, thriving in the freedom it brings him. He does not, it would seem, take note of the chains his obsession wraps around him. He is a prisoner to his own madness; caught, possessed by the aspect of his animalistic nature to dominate. Far too ruthless, far too unforgiving; he sought the world like it were a newfound toy ripe for the picking. One that he would abuse at whim, to any ends of oblivion. Kiv finds that in every fleeting, desperate breathe, there was beauty in torture. In some ways he does not have a choice, his need to hurt others forced his hand, like that of a starving lion in a slaughterhouse of lambs. The feeling of control always managing to drive him harder, to make him more crazed until he SNAPS.

He spent many a year convincing those around him that he is a wonderful man to be trusted, befriended, and loved; it was, of course, a lie. He will often slip his collar and embody the very soul of a beast. A lion amongst lambs. When displeased, he will roar and slash out at those who have wronged him. When satisfied, he will purr in utter contentment. He cannot be underestimated for he is extremely unpredictable, delightful, and charismatic one moment and the next, a tumultuous storm bent on destruction. He is a force to be reckoned with, he has all the charm of a trusted friend but under it all people can feel there is just something not right about him. Something to fear.

He is like a pale Greek God of wolves, the ever-stone soul, bound by the art of torture and gore. A sadist, with a few masochistic fetishes, which believes in the technique of ruin; livid in the twist, in the choke of torment. At his heart beats a conviction of steel, blood, and pain. Once something is set in his mind, he pursues it relentlessly with a lust that drives all other matters into the side. In fact, he has come to enjoy the chase, the fear, and the pleasure. He is goal-oriented and remains steadfast to that goal once he puts his mind to it. This applies not only to his goals in life but also to small things, like his prey. On the subject of prey, he loves to torture them, pushing their boundaries, inflicting hope until they beg for release, and then inflicting pain until they beg for death. He has never once felt guilt or shame for his actions, and after nearly four years of being a cold-blooded killer, it is highly doubtful he will get a sudden pang of conscience anytime soon.

Aludra [female] // Thaen [male]
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submissive females
Extended Family
[male] (will be played by a friend)
Voron [male] (will be played by a friend)
Sauda [female] (open)
Ashira [female] (open)

If I gave you the truth would it keep you alive
Though I'm closer to wrong I'm no further from right
And now I'm convinced on the inside that something's wrong with me


There is very little about his history in which he shares and while lies are often far from his tongue, he doesn’t dispute them either. Knowledge is power, and power grants another control, control he can’t abide. What little is known hasn’t been confirmed and one can’t discount the lies and rumors that cloud him. But, every story starts with a memory and words inked against the soft tissue of a subconscious is as good a source as any. It is believed he grew up in an aggressive, power hungry group that breed warriors. That his mother was kind and sweet, loved by many of other members. She was small in stature with a gentle disposition. His father, a large male and a good warrior to the alpha dedicated himself to the leader and consistently showed his loyalty, both by allowing his children to be abused and by turning a blind eye to his leader's cruelty. It is unclear what happened to cause Maikoh and a few others to branch off and leave the safety of his group but rumor had it the leader did many horrible things, forcing his warriors to perform heinous acts.


A white Raven named Audark

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