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Character design by me. Ref lines by Kitfaced. Signature Pixels by Iko.


Snow and ash meld with shadow. Slim and lithe, the sleek, primariy black fae keeps her pelt impeccably clean and can often be seen cleaning herself much like a cat. Limbs are long and slender, toes dipped in snow. A petite ribcage tapers into a slender waist. A line of ash stretches from muzzle to tail. Grey encompasses the sides of her mane as well. The tip of said tail is white as purest snow. The top of the girl's muzzle shares this same white. It flares lightly on the back of her neck and fades away. Lines of snow stretch from the inside corner of each eye to the corners of her maw. These eyes are brightest sulfur yellow tinged with sickly, poisonous green. The woman's nose and pawpads are a dusty bluish grey. The minuscule woman holds herself as though she was the tallest beast in the land. She's very proud and isn't afraid to stare anyone in the eye. She never holds herself in a submissive stance. Iolaire is quite aware of her femininity and strives to make each movement as pretty and smoothly as possible.

Scent: Honeysuckle and woodsmoke

A grin is never far from the sweet lips of Iolaire. Laughter is her middle name. Granted, most of the time the laughter is at her companion's expense. Io is fairly easy going. She loves nothing more than to nap, clean her coat, and make passionate love to those that strike her fancy. Men and women are fair game. For one so small, Iolaire is filled to bursting with confidence. It seeps into her walk, her smile, her very being. It's very out of the ordinary to see her in a vulnerable state. Iolaire enjoys seeing others in states of chaos and has been known to throw little wrenches into the plans of others just to watch them squirm. A little Viper, Io offers her knowledge of poisons to the highest bidder. Though she seems to keep this snarky veneer plastered in place, there are times when the lady becomes pensive and quiet. No one can be charged up all of the time. These periods seem to be cyclical and, during these times, Iolaire craves companionship. And maybe just a little bit more.

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Born one of four to a single, hard mother and a tyrannical, insane father. Io struck out on her own at an early age. Was she abandoned? Weren't they all? She never did see her siblings again, though she has crossed paths with her mother. Having left the nest at so early an age, it was easy to find someone to take her in. Adopted by an elderly wolf, the woman taught the child all that she knew about the cultivation and creation of poisons. Everyone needs a livelihood.


Senjen- Male liger. Golden coloring with short mane. The pair grew up together, both having set out on their own very young. They are best friends and close companions.

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Doutaini: Elemental Wolf RPG

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