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Despite having a fairly normal colour palate splashing across silken locks this boy will was a looker from birth and has seemed to have grown into himself perfectly. Body wise he is the perfect combination of his mother and his father. Though no one quite knows where the luminescent orange eyes came from, its obvious that his long snout and and large ears came from his father as well as his long legs and height. But from his mother he drew out silken fur and a figure any woman would die for, waistline almost unnaturally skinny. She has also told him that he has her heart though he has asked her time and time again to prove that. It's a nice sentiment though… Tail is longer then most though not unnaturally so and not so long that it drags in the dirt thankfully because this boy will always try and keep himself almost immaculately clean.

He takes more from his fathers side as far as his colours go, taking after the creams, whites and blacks from his father's pelt rather then the blues of his mothers. Splashed in an pelt of tan and creams that work in a gradient through his pelt with his face and neck starting darker and then working lighter towards his tail. Though his nose above his odd facial markings is white and his paws looks like they are covered in frost there is no other changes in his base pelt. His most striking features will be the black lines that start beneath his chin and stretch up over his eyes then across his forehead and then slowly dissipate between his ears and down his neck into his thick ruff.

As a child he was the runt when born, considerably smaller then his sister though luckily not a sickly little thing. Because of that he gained a bit more attention, the fact that at a young age he craved the love of his parents and learned how to milk it probably didn't help either. But as he grew he would come into his own, a little growth spurt when he is six months not helping his balance in the least but by a year he learned how to walk on the stilts he had for legs. By the end of his growth he isnt anything spectacular and frightful as far as build or height, he will stop at a an easy 32 inches and 86lbs. Nothing to scoff at but at the same time not towering like some of the monsters he will meet in his lifetime. To sum it all up he will be happy with himself.

Scent: Mossy

From birth he was always a kind soul, gentle and willing to please. He has always had a flair for showmanship, that came from trying to get more attention then his sibling all the time, constantly pestering his parents and thinking up new ways to make them spend more time with him. Though he wasn't an attention-deprived kid by any means he just couldn't seem to get enough of it. As well, ever since birth he has always been a complete and utter mama's boy… He LOVES his mother. Though he has never had any hard feelings towards his father and enjoys spending time with him as well, he would dump his father on his butt any day to spend time with his mom. These traits kind of added together to make him a homebody, it took him a long time to summon up the courage to leave his home and his parents even if he always had his sister with him every step of the way.

He loved meeting new wolves though, and his art in showmanship came in handy when doing this. Even from a young age he was always very charming and quite the little gentleman, mostly because he practices these things on his mother who is pretty much a queen in his eyes. He enjoyed going out and meeting fellow wolves but he rarely wandered far from his home even after leaving home. This might partly be because his father was borderline over protective, always wanting to keep a watchful eye on them and telling them not to leave home. His mom was less of a freak about it and often encourage her kids to go have fun while Friction is out hunting or patrolling. This will bring out a bit of a devious side to the boy as he grew older.

Age eventually took over and his childhood mentor would shape him in more then one way. Alpine taught him from a young age to be selfless, to put the needs of others above his own and to help all of those who can’t help themselves. Upon winning his kingship these traits would shine though, first drawing others to him like a moth to the flame but eventually these traits would also be what wore him out. Despite learning early on that he was not cut out to hold everyone’s burdens up for them he still tried until they almost collapsed him. He has come to terms with the fact that he can’t help everyone and has decided he wants to pursue the lifestyle of a knight.

But even these more simplistic dreams have slowly come crashing down around him as he has been exposed to the worst of the world. Blackness has begun to taint his heart, the young fun loving male everyone had come to know and love seems to have faded into the background. Sorrow and hatred cloud his eyes as he silently watches everything. The only things that bring him joy or life anymore are his sister Isis and his love Iolaire. He still has a desire to help but this is often times overshadowed by a darkness that sleeps inside of him. He still has a long ways to go to figure out who he is.

Hard Headed
Eria Sovai x Friction Sovari
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Born to Eria and Friction in spring of Year 3 along with his sister in the Moorlands. They stayed there for a while, until his eyes opened and then joined a white wolf named Erani on her journey to find Erion's father's old pack. It was quite the adventure in the young boys mind when really it was only like a day of being carried. From there he struck out with his sister Isis, eventually claiming a pack of his own. A pack that drained him of his very will to live. Eventually handing leadership to someone he thought he could trust and stepping down. Something he eventually came to regret as he witnessed the new leader murder another wolf in cold blood and bury the body in a shallow grave.

From there he reclaimed his pack, banishing the woman and her followers from his lands. He met a woman so unlike himself and fell instantly in love with her, courting her anytime he had a spare moment. She told him she could never have kids, he told her that he didn't care. It seemed like life would be perfect, until her mother died and Erion witnessed her sister eat the corpse.... It took them a long time to come back from that, but they decided together to start fresh and to make a new life together. Rithedir - acquaintance, traded game for herbs with Iolaire every so often. Atlayo - acquaintance, bought herbs and poison from Iolaire every so often. Arachnae - acquaintance, comes to Iolaire for poisons and back ally shady stuff sometimes.


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