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The woman is massive, standing at 2'10" and weighing 155lbs. Her body is thick with cords of well formed muscle. A hard life has crafted her into a beast worthy of note. A thick pelt of ashen grey covers her broad form. The only breaks in this color are black toes on each paw, black ears, a black blaze that runs the length of her muzzle and flares over her eyes, (or eye) and a thick black mane that begins at the back of her ears, flowing to mid back and down the fronts of her shoulders.

Should you see the woman from her right side, you might believe that she's still a looker, despite her older age. If you catch her from the left, however... Scars litter the woman's body. The life of a berserker hasn't been kind. Though mass amounts of scars rest beneath the fur, there are several of note, all upon her left side. Her left shoulder and chest are riddled with long rake marks due to a bear attack. The leg and toes of that same side are riddled with scars. The most notable scar is on the warrior's face. Her left eye is completely missing. Her face is a ruin of bluish scar tissue that stretches from brow to cheek. Her muzzle is also spattered in scars.

A singular eye of a rich, sulfur yellow stares out of a dark mask. This lone eye is piercing and hard. It seems to glow and many have believed it can stare straight through ones soul.

Scent: Woodsmoke and snow

Resin is what she is. She says what she says and does what she does with no false pretenses. She is exactly as she comes across. In her world, there is no time for falsities. The woman is brutally honest and will tell it like it is, regardless of the feelings involved. That is... if she decides to speak at all.

The woman is judgemental. Before a wolf even opens their mouth, she's gauging their character by the look in their eye, the way they carry themselves, etc. If one is deemed not worthy, she'll most likely not give them the time of day. Even if they are deemed worthy, she is a woman of few words. What words she does share are hard words of wisdom. Despite her gruff, brusque demeanor, the woman is very intelligent and, if you listen closely, she will steer you in the proper direction with her years of worldly experience.

Blood and guts do not bother the large wolf. They are a necessity of life. She will, however, give any challenger ample chance to flee. For once the bloodlust is upon her, it's difficult to shut off.

Jyrrik and Steera
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Born within a tribal pack in the far reaches of the Dawnforge Mountains. Raised to be a warrior.


Giant boar named The Baron. Pale coat, red eyes, 800lbs. After trying to kill one another, they found themselves evenly matched and formed a sort of pact. They've been traveling together for quite some time and assist one another regularly. He's continued to grow since their encounter.

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