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Scent: Smoke & Exotic Spices
Voice: Alejandro

"I have always tried to be the man my Aunt desired me to be; compassionate and generous to those in need... but she forgets the complexities that are within people of the city. Even the small and weak can go strong and conniving; willing to fight tooth and nail for what is not theirs to take. I have learned these cruelties in life far too well. Perhaps, she has just forgotten the trials that comes with dealing in the black market; especially given the stories she has told me of her youth. Yet, she still insists that I find the good in people, and give generously when righteously sown. However it may be, there are two faces to every coin; and I know faces and coin all too well."

Peasant Woman x Executioner
Love Interest
“A nomadic woman from the southern Moors.”
“None that I am aware of.”
Extended Family
"My mother was executed while I was still a young pup... the reason for her execution was never made clear to me. Perhaps, she had come from a dishonest family and made crimes against the crown? Whatever the reason, I pray her death was quick and clean... she had suffered for far too long. Soon after, my father was sentenced to live the remainder of his years in exile. The reason for his sentencing is more clear to me, but I try not to dwell on it for long. I also have a brother, but we lost each other. I am unsure what has happened to him — if he’s even still alive."

"The woman who raised me and softens my heart."

"She does not yet know me, but I am captivated by her spirit. I wish to see her again after my visit to the city markets."


“I have no time to entertain the idea of keeping pets.”

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