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Large build | w 136lb | h 2’3”ft

Biologically intersex, with both reproductive tracks functioning, though as a male he is sterile. This is something he actively hides and is not common knowledge

Scent: Blood & Salt
Voice: Aaron Roberts

His life was a farce, shaped by the hands of another into what they desired of him, what was needed to survive. Learn to hear more then he spoke, for his words meant nothing; a child at the mercy of noble ambition. They say the Games of Thrones was cruel, killing those unable to make the plays to win it all; and he, but a useful pawn knew it was not his own victory he would claim. Eyes made to watch, to see where others may tread, ears made to listen, a body crafted into the sword and shield, a knife in the dark of need be. A lion slumbering at the foot of the throne, docile until otherwise needed, with teeth reddened by the crimes of another.

Perhaps once he may have been a fickle thing, quick to judge and forgive: yet all that he possessed had been a gift, rewarded by sweat and blood, aware that he had nothing otherwise. Loyalty. It was branded into his bones, a defining feature of the dog of Velancia. His purpose voiced, whispered, praised and made known the only truth. No coin would sway his resolve, no self-gain worth more then the reality that had been these past years. Even the heavy hand could be seen with affection of it was all one ever seen. The praiser, and the punisher.

He takes pride in his role, his purpose. From plaything to prized possession, a retaliation gained by his own merits. A fiend for pleasure, he strove to become the best, still strove, even after the putrid whispers in the night had long gone silent. Perhaps a desperate need to return to certainty, where now the chain was broken. He fulfilled any command given him, by any means necessary. By any means necessary.

All would be his tools, sharpening his tongue just as much his body. Sardonic, oft times cruel, his wit was one of the only flaws to survive the madness. How strange it is, to find the silent observer with a response, dark humor shaped from the echoes of a past life.

-May change as I discover his character in IC-

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Born a slave, he was destined to a fate of subservience, the whims of those deemed his betters. As expected, he rebelled, a youth unaware of the inevitability of the path he tread. Perhaps, his life may have been easier, had he listened to the pleas of his mother, her voice now a memory riped from him just as her warmth and touch. Disobedience introduced him to the lash of the whip, the bite of steel; fight until he could not any longer. It's strange, the resilience of the spirit, when life refused to fade.

It was the refusal to yield, and the cruelty forged out of necessity, that drew the eye of the man. A noble, one who had on more than one account Osamu could remember seeing amongst those come to watch the fights. He would be told later it was here where the worth of blood was proven; not in the slippery tongues of merchants.

Taken in, he became a mentee to the Valencias house guard, a feral brat brought to heel beneath another hand. Yet, where only desolation rue his future before, he came to know the hunger of gain. Do well, and he advanced, earning privileges he never would have had. It was a competition amongst Virlars' chosen, weeding out the weak, fostering only the strongest amongst his guard, a peek of affluence amongst the nobility. The Valencia was known for their unorthodox tutelage, the family taking an active hand in their protection; yet even this did not deny the absolute expectation upon their vassals.

For a time he was assigned to Orion, a trial cast before them both. To learn the role of a guard at the hand of a noble, learning to bite the scathing embers of his tongue; a hard won trait when faced with the contempt the two shared.

In the end, he was recruited as an assassin, cast from the roster of the guard in exchange for Valencias underground interests. Clearing competition amongst the courts, accquisitioning contact amongst the pirates, and removing discontent amongst their lands. Until the lord of Valencia was found dead, and he turned his eye on who murdered Virlar.


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