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Scent: Camellias
Voice: Indila

Gentle && Soft Spoken
Hestia, a true follower of the gods, is a gentle creature. A docile female believing in nothing but the best of a wolf, even if there is none to be seen. Her belief is that patience and a few kind words will bring out the goodness that lies within. If there is none, then she will create and let it fester within them until they have redeemed themselves. Her voice is as soft as her personality is and despite class or beliefs, they will all meet her with the same sweet tones.

Religious && Ethical
How she knows that the words of the lords are law and King Eridanus wields the sword they have bestowed, a message that he is the rightful ruler. With the voices of the gods whispering in her ears, her belief had only grown. Though she is considered a Harbinger, she believes that the name is ill fitted towards her for Harbingers are those who use the words of the gods to bring chaos and destruction. She aims to rehabilitate those who have lost their ways and with her strict moral code, violence is not the answer.

Love Interest
Extended Family

A girl born into a loving family with no other siblings. Her world was small, consisting of her parents and herself and she was content living as such. Born with a weak body, she spent her time watching people moving along the street of her home.

Her world would soon be broken in her first year as her parents would be the victims of a hit and run. The thief looking for no more than enough to put food on the table for themselves and her father who jumped in without hesitation to protect her. He would pin the assailant quickly, but as he turned to assure the safety of his sole child and beloved wife the tides would quickly change. A dagger would plunge itself into his chest and Mielle would be speechless, only her mother's shrill cry rang through that empty alley. The thief would leave in shock of their sins and the Mielle would attend her father's funeral the following day.

Her mother would lose her mind with the loss of her father. Her health would fall as waves of depression consumed her and she would only persist for a season after the accident. The girl would blame it all on the thief, that dark alley and the world itself as both of her parents disappeared from the world.

Not soon after, the priest of a church would come to offer her a home, both out of pity and respect for her father. He would teach her forgiveness where her hatred would dissipate and she became a devout follower of the gods. She would take on a new name of Hestia, a symbol of her rebirth into a new wolf.


Swallow ♂

An obedient swallow which Hestia cherishes dearly

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