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Arngeir Erlingheim
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Arngeir is a female that can hardly be considered unnoticeable. She stands tall at an unwarranted 3'0ft with a build of the gods; bulky, stocky and heavily muscular, used more for heavier labor and intensive combat than lean stealth like most women. She's been mistaken for a man numerous times, and, as a result, no longer grow offended. Her coat is thick, though not enough to hide her body structure, with the hues ranging between russet, pepper, bark-brown, and charcoal. She has pseudo-piebaldism, which blends with the black of her natural coat, and contrasts with her amber eyes, banded with rose underneath and a cyan ring. Her ears are harked up high and sharp, and her skin is a mottle between liver and black ( a black birthmark sits on her tongue). Arngeir has a deep, rooted voice. Her scent is earthy with a sweet tang; pomegranates, fire kindled cherry wood, and honey. Arngeir is also scarred from her ruthless childhood as a nomadic soldier, having a horrendously noticeable scar from her cheek that ends at the left leg. Another scar goes across her nose bridge, slashing up through her left brow, her eye undamaged from the injury. Some others would be marks going through her right shoulder and flank. Geir wears the wounds with pride and dominance, having identified them as proof of her struggles and trophies against other beasts.

Scent: Pomegranate, fire kindled cherry wood and honey
Voice: Eivor

Arngeir didn't make a lifestyle out of herself by clinging to the family name; her hardworking persona has always been something she isn't afraid to show. The southlander loves to get her hands dirty, and hates when words don't lead to reasonable action. She's a woman of her word, and holds herself in high regard and confidence, though it isn't egotistic. She demands respect when walking into a room, and can often be an intimidating presence to be around, especially when angered or agitated. Usually, though, Arngeir is calm and fairly amusing. To the commonfolk, she's always looking to offer her services, whether it be for brain or brawn. Despite being raised in a clan of raiders and warriors, Arngeir is intelligent from her years of experience on the battle field as well as having come across different individuals over the years. She's observant of the smaller details - silent but, always listening. It's why she doesn't have ill feelings for the Harbinger, especially after meeting a few. Even so, she has an insatiable hunger to heed the call of war. Her temper is unrelenting, a shot of frostbite to the heart of her enemies. To poke at her patience would be like teasing a bear; it won't go all too smoothly for long.

Syzen and Ivani
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Born to the Erlingheim clan, Arngeir had been brought up in a large family who prided loyalty, strength, and, especially, oaths. From her youth years, Arngeir had learned to understand this so she may pass down the legacy for the next progeny. Syzen, her father, didn't abide by the laws of the clan. He was a reckless man, having married into the pureblooded Erlingheim's and continued to sully Arm's branch of the family name; infidelity, oath breaking, bargaining - you name it. The High King, Gudbrand, was not at all pleased with his daughter, Ivani, marrying to a 'spineless whelp', as he put it. But, Gudbrand did abide. High Queen Bokki, the true leader of the clan, had also become enraged with the outcome but, instead of pestering Ivani about it, became very frequent in Arngeir's life. Eventually, a war had begun! Arngeir had enlisted several months before her ceremonial trials. It had enraged a great deal of the family but, they appreciated that she had left to heed the call of war. During her time on the battleground, she had met a member of the Dysma family - the chosen successor for the Matriarch throne, Hypatia. They had grown from sisters in arms to close companions, and even lovers for a time. This is when it had been exposed that Hypatia had doubts on her future position, doubts about how she would rule and if it was a good thing for her to be Matriarch. Geir had proposed an oath that, after the war, Hypa would come live with her in the mountains and join her clan, staying safe within the family. She had agreed. After the war, though, the oath had been shattered - which severed the relationship drastically. Feeling betrayed, Arngeir left and went back to Dawnforge. A lot had happened in her absence; Syzen had gotten ties within a rival tribe and had a daughter, Indigo. He had promptly made it clear that he wished to become the new and sole High Leader of the clan, alongside his alliance with the other tribe. Another war had broken out, this time closer to home for Geirra. She fought Syzen and his forces viciously, killing the tyrannical male, but suffered horrendously with scars that'd never disappear. These became her trial scars - having earned her respect and trust amongst her clan after the fight. Unfortunately, Ivani had been discovered dead the same night.


Eirene, or Eir, the Lammergeier has been a familiar of Arngeir's for a while. She belonged to a young brother in arms who died alongside Geir's first familiar, a constrictor named Wryn. The two have been inseparable for quite a while, watching over one another and finding the company comforting. Eirene has a knack for being snippy and aggressive toward unknowns, though calms after casual and good natured interactions that she's around for. Arngeir has trained the feathered beast to hunt her own food instead of scavenging for remains, as well as assist with scouting areas, attacking, and other intensive discipline trainings.

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