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Sleek silvery fur covers his body in varying shades of cloudy gray. His muzzle accentuated by a darkened blaze and coal colored cheeks break up the intermittent paleness. A stark white dorsal breaks the pattern and over his shoulder cascades into darkened feathering. Lightened belly fades subtly toward his rump, bushy tail slips into shades of obsidian with white undertones. Long front limbs darken into darkened gray socks and drop off into ivory tipped paws. The varying shades of the same pale colors doing little to differentiate him amongst others - to himself he is by all means unembellished and plain, but dignified in his own appearance. His body is built athletic but mildly lean; muscles bulge against a lightly fattened frame. Beneath symmetrical brows of white are exposed pools of burnt umber that resonate outwardly with unassuming calm. His typical posture is passive, a sort of calming presence with an elevated sense of self awareness. Movements always appear to be meaningful and thought out, using his build to suit his interactions. Broad shoulders slope in a relaxed, almost casual stance. Every breath creates a visible expansion at his sides that rattles the fur gently and the movement teases the outline of his build.

Scent: ironwood & rain

Much like his own appearance he is ghostly, with a preference for his own solitude, Ristadir being the only exclusion to this. There is a strong preference to linger in the unseen, at the edge of commotion and unbothered. Though like others he has interests and curiosities, he is grounded by his familiar, both tethered to one another despite their deeply rooted conflict with one another's viewpoint. He will opt to do what is right whether he wants to or not, because he is driven by the desire to do good, despite his other desire to stay secret and unknown. He does not seek fame nor attention, but rather prefers his acts go unnoticed. He is fluid and easily works his way through every situation or encounter, unsusceptibleto and not easily pulled into action. He acts as a last resort, and though he does not enjoy conflict, he is undeterred by it. He is not a knight, and only compelled by the deeply ingrained feelings of just that go beyond his understanding and desire. It is dormant within him, perhaps a curiosity to see how things will play out, but also wanting to make sure that others aren't left behind. This internal dialogue often countered by his familiar.

alderon & eristeth
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There were periods of darkness, times when he remembers nothing before the day he met Ristadir. It was around when he turned 18 months, at which point he was already well established and solitary. There are only fragments, shards of memories that slip by in his dreams, and when he has turned to his friend, his familiar for answers the questions are the same. They are bonded, bound to one another, despite their polar personalities and beliefs. They have been guided through life by Varahel's propensity for the solitary path, but how much longer that can last is uncertain.


charming, manipulative, controlled, treacherous, loyal

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