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Played by Zodiac



  • Pelt is hues of bluish-purple
  • Pale yellow speckles on pelt look like stars
  • Flash of pale yellow under her eye
  • Eyes are tri-color heterochromia of dark blue, light blue and purple



  • Respectful
  • Empathetic
  • Adaptable
  • Defensive
  • Loyal
  • Proud
  • Skeptical
  • Blunt
  • Impatient

Daithí Osman-Argyris x Zahra Argyris
Love Interest
Extended Family
Litter 1 (Year 859)
Achilles (male, alive)
Grigori (male, alive)
Jedrick (male, alive)

Litter 2 (year 860)
Cassiopeia (female, alive)

Daithí's Side, Aunts & Uncles
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NameHere (gender, age, alive/dead)

Zahra's Side, Aunts & Uncles
NameHere (gender, age, alive/dead)
NameHere (gender, age, alive/dead)

Year 0
Cassiopeia was born to Daithí Osman-Argyris and Zahra Argryis as the only one of her litter. Her parents were both well-respected members of The Order. her father being a Templar Captain, and her mother being a high ranking Noble within the group. She was expected to perhaps follow in her father's pawsteps to become a Templar Knight as well. However, her mother protested Theo's wish to start training their daughter as soon as she was able to walk steadily, claiming she should get to decide for herself what she wanted to do with her life. As Cassie grew towards the cusp of her first year, it was growing increasingly apparent that she wanted to learn to fight like her father before her.

Year 1
As Cassie reached her yearling mark, she begged her parents to send her to the training for the young Templar Knights. She would be there the entirety of her first year, but it was a small price to pay to learn how to fight and become a warrior her father could be proud of. The young girl loved learning all the techniques she did at the training. Her father would be super proud of her, she thought, once she was back at home. However, as she came within a few months of her second year, Cassie was out on a solo mission to hunt down another young Harbinger around her age. The Order had gotten information on a youth in their area, and figured it would be a good test of the young girl's skills to send her on a solo mission. However, when the time came to give the Harbinger the final blow, Cassie couldn't bring herself to do it. He was around her age, and the expression on his face was something that never left her mind. She couldn't be the warrior her father wanted of her... not if it meant killing wolves who hadn't harmed her. Backing off of the Harbinger, she let him go. Covering up the trail he left as he fled the Order's lands, Cassie returned to her mentor, claiming she had been unable to find her target. Going to the head of the training center, Cassie requested to be removed from training. She wanted to go home. It was proving to be too much for her. She loved being around other wolves, and couldn't bear going on solo missions. At least - that was the excuse she gave to the head of training. So, she was sent home from training back to her parents, and began to follow in her mother's pawsteps as a Noble within the King's court.

Year 2
As Cassie enters her second year, she finds herself at her mother's side as a full Noble in the Order. Proud of herself for making it to this point, Cassie can't help but think about what caused her to change her path from becoming a Knight to becoming a Noble. If anyone were to ever find out she let a Harbinger go, she could be seriously punished - even exiled - from the Order. So she would hide that secret forever, and never tell a single soul of what happened that fateful day. She continues to work as a Noble within the King's Court, and right around her second birthday she met her beloved Familiar - a Barn Owl named Otulissa.


Tyto alba - Barn Owl, melanistic
Met while Cassie was wandering around the Order's territory at night one night. The barn owl had fallen out of a tree and had an injured wing. Cassie nursed the owl back to health, and the pair have been inseparable ever since.

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