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Played by Naboo


*Character was designed and originally by dusk, I have permission to use the character design & art, he is only to be used on Frostbound.


Brown shoulders & legs striped across the front with one splash of white. Lighter brown against the sides of his throat fading back into his base white. Alternative brown masked face & dark brown tipped ears with a crown of dark brown connecting them. Alternating and feathered patterns of brown against his back & faded caramel losing itself into his tail. Extra Large, 175 lbs, 3'

Scent: cedar & cinnamon
Voice: Jeremy Irons

Through and through he is deep rooted in his beliefs as a Templar, bound with soldier type diligence to his duty. What he does he believes is for the greater good, and he is adamant in that way, unmovable from the post he has taken. He is noble in that he believes he is of highest principle morally, which is why he is unshakeable in his beliefs. There is blindness in that, but not enough to get through his compassion and loyalty. With his family he accepts their flaws and even pardons them, but will outright hide this from others, because of how loyal he is to his family he wants to protect them as much as he can, while causing as little detriment as possible.

Love Interest
Extended Family
Cressida (Unknown)

Currently serving as a Templar Captain in the Order.


A red deer stag named Sinclair. They have been together for about a year now, having met while he was on patrol in Askan's Woods for Harbingers. The stag is still a young buck, with immature tines still upon his brow, but every year they increase in might, his throat latch thickening with each passing season, the unlikely pair came together out of want rather than necessity. They are respectful towards one another, and have a growing bond that has become unshakeable. There is honesty between the two, though Balthier is only encouraged by the stag and hears whispers of what happens in the woods that make him feel more and more rooted to his cause.

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