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lugh's reference and pfp by me :D (i tried lol)


old ref

On the darker spectrum of grey with white like paint on their brow and lip and cheek. Eyes like clear skies, but unfocused and avoidant of eye contact. They keep to an ambiguous expression, body athletic but fluid, all-encompassing yet obscure, a wolf who keeps their cards close to their chest. And neither ostentatious nor austere, but tight-lipped and intense, an inexpressive face is the first black brush of personality you see; then, a fleeting smile as they realize you are paying attention, ephemeral as twilight. A light baritone of voice, monotone in tone; they only know how to intone, you'll never catch a blip of humor on them.

(Lugh stands at 2'6" and weighs 130 lbs, putting them in the large category.)

Scent: cinnamon
Voice: tyler hoechlin

lebec & hypatia
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it's complicated!! >:000
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Lebec was a success story.

Jaded, incensed, by his life as a miner in Dawnforge Mountains, where he'd work his limbs raw to the bone. His life would pass him by, forget he existed, continue without so much as a glance at Lebec. He was two years old, had worked since the day he was weaned. Rather a sad existence, as a Dawnforge Mountain miner working for a merchant family who was not his own.

Yaurith saw promise, Lebec travelling there when he could. The chaos of it, the merchants speaking a language all their own as buyers tried to haggle prices, the shady fellows who accepted other forms of payment, the spacious structures where citizens would commune and nap together--it was a life Lebec wanted.

"You wouldn't even pass the first test, boy!" A Templar said to Lebec on one rare trip to Yaurith, Lebec stumbling upon the man at a fresh fruit stall. He was swaying in his step, words slurred, clearly intoxicated on something but Lebec wouldn't presume. "But--but--I can put in a good word for ya. Yeah, a good word. You just have to do something for me--somethin'."

Lebec would do anything. The Order would become his home. Nothing would stop him. Nothing could stop him. It was falling to place, everything was falling to place. He would no longer work a menial job; he'd hunt souls for comfort.

A few days later, Lebec joined as a Templar initiate, eyes clear on target. Nothing would stop him. *** tba tba tba *** two paths, the choice was theirs. as a noble, they would parse through the order's rhetoric safely and possibly expand on their knowledge. as a templar, they dealt with harbingers and conflict directly, no middleman or chance for incorrect signals. both appealed to them greatly as an adolescent, though their father had a more convincing argument. and though physicality never suited them or fit like a glove, their intelligence could aid them in strategy. so, of age, they joined as a templar initiate.

a few favors glided them up an invisible ladder, nepotism disguised as overawed aged men and women praising their abilities. your father was a captain, the nobles would say, pray tell you will achieve his greatness. so lugh did. through the overwhelming meetings and frustrating conflicts, lugh became a captain. with as much freedom now to make far-reaching decision, lugh prepares to guide their team into excellence and competence. to bring down the threat of harbingers, despite history--both personal and overarching--foretelling disaster.


Linus, a red-and-tan bloodhound. Loyal to a fault, excellent tracking skills, and a touch humorous. Becoming Lugh's familiar when they were both pups, Linus acts something like a brother to the wolf and guards them day-and-night. He alerts Lugh whenever someone is nearby and has aided in tracking down prey and harbingers.

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