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Piebald fur, black base which fades out into a light lavender-gray toward her tail. A thick white band curls around her belly, flank, and back. Her skin is dark brown, and her eyes a bright silver. She is long, stalky, and lithe with long silky fur and a longer-than-average tail. She weighs around 40lbs and stands at around 1'7" ft tall.

Scent: Lavender and herbs
Voice: Valta

Avaneira is an unexpected hero. She was always the shiest of her two brothers, the dainty wallflower. There had never been anything spectacular about the healer, even her excellence in her craft had never been anything admirable compared to the vast amounts of knowledge that far more recognized doctors had at their disposal. She was always content to linger on the outskirts, protecting her brothers and father (though they were never quite ones to get in trouble in the first place). They lived in the middle class of Yaurith, a family who believed in working hard for what they earned and never overstepping their bounds and their means. Thus, when Avaneira first hears the calls of the Deities, she at first doesn't believe it. But as their calls begin to grow louder and louder, she soon finds that she cannot keep it a secret from her family for long. Sooner or later, Avaneira will begin to crack. She has distanced herself from her family, diving into her medicinal practices in order to distract herself from the pull.

Morally complicated
Lovell x ???
Love Interest
Shale (oblivious crush)
Extended Family
Lovell x unnamed noblewoman
Soren, Alder, Avaneira

Was born to a stalwart hunter alongside her two brothers. They never knew their mother beyond the fact that she was a noblewoman who was unfortunately not allowed to associate with their father. Her brothers have become upstanding citizens; one is a scholar to Yaurith's youths and the other is in training to become an Order templar. Avaneira herself has learned to become an adequate healer.


Cairidan — African lion

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