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❝ You were standing there like an angry god

Oriana Regina, the diamond of yaurith

Oriana meaning "golden".
Regina meaning "queen".

» Born under Capricorn. / phlegmatic temperament. / enneagram 1; the perfectionist.

A woman of pristine visage like her parents before her, she bears not a single fleck or stain of color to taint the purity of her ivory fur. Untouched like freshly fallen snow, she is pure - her very body blessed by the purest lineage one could ask for. This is whats to be believed anyway, instilled upon her at a young age that it is within her pelt where the proof of her perfection lives. Better even than other nobles that may grace this world. In this sense she is simple, there is little to talk about when it comes to her colors, her build is average, a wonderful combination of elegance and sturdiness. A plush, full tail with elegant limbs to stride upon. Her face comes to a delicate point adorned with soft rounded ears. Paw pads and nose dark contrasting against her pale facade, with white nails. And her eyes - those eyes. Their vibrant color strikes brilliantly against her ivory face, eyes of mint, the bright color sharp whilst her expressions may be soft, those eyes never fail to deliver a point. A pride.

» weighs 73 pounds. / 2' 1" at the withers. / unique eyes of mint.

» pure white. / always well kept & clean.

Scent: Jasmine & mint

A personality in development, Oriana is teetering on unsteady ground these days....wip

» Oriana believes that the pure white of her pelt displays genetics superior to all others
» coming

Love Interest
Extended Family

» Omoruturi - Adopted father


Born as the only surviving child beneath two high ranking nobles who did not have luck on their side, Oriana's parents are unfortunately killed in two separate instances her mother is killed during an attack by thieves while peacefully trying to shop in the market & her father is killed in combat. She is found by Omoruturi and adopted.


Duchess ♀ and Duke ♂

» Turkish Angora cats

Just because they look identical physically does not mean they are the same in mindset, they do however complete one another, they become yin and yang to one another. Two halves of one entity. Duchess maintains the far more affectionate, motherly personality, she often engages in chats with Oriana and pays much of her attention to her social and emotional needs. Whereas Duke falls under the much more stoic, he would much rather nap on the window sill while the girls talk and keep himself detached from the nonsense. He finds himself to be much more observant and keen on looking out to protect Oriana and be her eyes to ensure her safety.

The two felines were given to Oriana by her parents as gifts when they were about six months old. They were hand chosen for their pristine matching pelts which matched Oriana's & identical appearances. They have been with her ever since and have developed a close bond with the woman, determined to do their best to ensure her well being and keep her company.

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