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I'm Coming for Something They Said I Couldn't Have

Scars: One on her muzzle from her father

With a height of 2'0 and 61lbs, her build is lithe and geared towards speed rather than brute strength. Due to her smaller size, she is unable to hunt bigger prey alone. She relies on smaller game unless hunting in a group.

Scent: Petrichor and Jasmine

Discretion is the Better Part of Valor

Manipulative & Narcissistic
A woman born with almost everything at hand. Taught how to do everything but to love as a normal person would. Where children should've been taught the importance of sharing and kindness, she was taught how to weave her words like a web and the horrors of the world — from slave traders to the macabre preferences of some. As they begged and grabbed onto her as if she were their angel in a world of darkness, her opinion of commoners suffered greatly as a result. She found them disgusting and found a sadistic pleasure in watching their hopes falter. Her former belief that commoners were those in aid morphed into a less sympathetic one. Being repeatedly told that her position as heir apparent was unchangeable and that she was destined to lead the family had its tolls on her mind, creating a superiority complex and an exaggerated sense of self importance that she wouldn't have had otherwise. Though she rarely voices these ideas of grandeur, they undoubtedly exist within her. A woman with multiple masks, each one for a different occasion and she has no problem changing between them. Lying is not beneath her. Perhaps she was tainted by the Ancients with their impure touch. Perhaps she was corrupted by such means. But she has lived with these traits for so long that one could only say it was her true nature. Esmeray is but a character that plays both sides sides so that she may always come out on top.

Poised & Impassive
Very rarely, if at all, does Esmeray raise her voice. She fully knows that the power of words lay within the meanings of each syllable — or sometimes the lack of words — and not the volume of it. Contributing to this was her father's constant reminder that the Head of the House is the figurehead of the family. That her mistakes will reflect poorly on those bearing the Valencia name. Almost at all times, her figure is fixed. Her spine rigid and her eyes always facing what's in front, never what's beneath her or what has been done. She may come to regret her actions in the future, but a confession of such would be like poison in her mouth. Knowledgeable about her own family's affairs as well as other House's, it is the result of years of training finally paying off.

Secretive and Sly
Necessary qualities for one who dirties their hands just as she does. Tell her a secret and she'll take it to the grave. That is, along as you're on her good side. A Noble woman, but certainly not a noble one. Her helping hand is never a sign of benevolence. Rather, it is a means of forming connections that may prove beneficial in the future. She finds secrets, especially those with dire consequences, simply fascinating. Willing to go out of her way to obtain these rumors, she will not hesitate to use them as blackmail or as leverage to obtain a few more allies, albeit temporary ones. She will offer children a gentle smile and perhaps a few words of reassurance. Not because her heart swoons or sways at the sight of the young, but rather because the young are naive and easier to manipulate. It was easier to persuade the young before they grew into their older and haughty selves.

Ambitious & Unwavering
In a world where aristocracy but is a game to see who can please the king better, Esmeray seizes the opportunity to advance her family through the social ranks. Despite them being already high up the ladder, it is not enough for her. For her, they should be the most well known, the most renowned Noble family. With their roots already heavily intertwined with all three sectors of The Order, she will attempt to strengthen the bonds until the Valencia household becomes an integral part of The Order and maybe even above the organization itself. With such ambitions, her commands must be absolute and unwavering for hesitation will be recognized as a sign of weakness. And Esmeray refuses to seem week. Not her nor her family.

† Virlar and Aria de Agnor Valencia
Love Interest
Cassius Dumonte
Extended Family
Evander de Agnor Valencia: Younger Brother, Noble
Nephele de Agnor Valencia: Younger Sister, Templar Knight

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. . . of House Valencia

Trust your instincts. Intuition Does Not Lie

Born into a family with a lengthy history of aristocracy, Esmeray de Agnor Valencia quickly found her place in society. It was only expected that she follow familial tradition and she never once thought about not being in The Order. It was simply an expectation that she met without fail.

Though be it that her family belonged to a long lineage of Noblemen and Noblewomen, somewhere down the line they began to dirty their hands and she would soon follow in their footsteps. They began to slowly develop stronger ties with the pirates of The Order until they not only dabbled in the Market's underground, but became a rather avid buyer of these incoming supplies.

Though Nobles often have guards accompanying them, her family did not want to solely depend on other's. Not with their lives at stake. With each passing generation, the blade once used to defend slowly morphed into a blood covered sword meant to erase the opposing forces from existence. Though almost all know the art of both defense and offense, some in this specifically have honed their offensive capabilities to the point that they developed secondary statuses as assassins - sometimes for hire.

Her father, Virlar, was a malicious and cruel man. Under his steady hand and cold steel, the family continued their long standing success. Both the result of his unwavering loyalty to the King and his methods of ridding his enemies though unconventional and perhaps illegal means. His marriage to her mother, Aria, was not out of convenience or love, but rather a necessity. Virlar wanted an heir to ensure that his hard work would not be in vain as well as a compatible wife. One that was obedient, meek, and subservient. When news of Esmeray's birth reached his ears, it would be a lie to say he did not feel some disappointment at the birth of a daughter rather than a son. Nevertheless, he raised his daughter into his ideal image of an heir. Whereas her mother taught her the art of speaking, her father taught her how to be an unflinching executioner just as he once was.

Not soon after her father's death, which was proclaimed to be an "accident" (but everyone knew better for he had a multitude of enemies), Esmeray assumed the title of Head of House as she was of age. However, unlike her father, Esmeray's steel could be bought. Albeit a hefty price, her belief was that anything can be bought. If not with money, than with lives and favors.

Year 862

Summer —
Cassius Dumonte confesses his love to her. She rejects him due to personal reasons
▸ She befriends Feyra Baroncelli and begins to frequent the brothel for her pastime and for business
▸ Esmeray participates in the battle of Askan's Woods (Chapter I). She does not follow King Eridanus to the Moorlands
▸ She bids farewell to Cassius who leaves for the Moorland expedition and promises he'll come back one day
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