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naboo - for giving Feyra's appearance life. you are a savior.

areot - for the wolf template


A bounty of crimson red with stretches of milky white fur along her muzzle, belly, tail, and left back leg. A small splash of white marks her right forepaw. Two yellow gold slashes mark her nose and a light mark below her eyes. A slight speckling of yellow gold appears on her right front shoulder. The she-wolf's fur is a thick texture and heavily groomed on all occasions. 2'1 ft 65 pounds

Scent: wine and rose

A she-wolf of an interesting cut of cloth is what would describe Feyra. Having been spoiled as a pup she is the picture of jealousy and selfish nature. If she is unable to have something she wants she would choose to take away all its other options or break/kill it rather than not have it for herself. She has a keen eye for weakness in others rather than empathize she has been known to take advantage of such souls. A sad ophan pup comes to her door in the company of a seller and she promises the little thing a good life. In reality, the pup works as hard as any grown wolf and when comes of age is sold to others to pay for her keep or if a male sold into the order as initates. Such is a way of life when crossing the road with Feyra.

Much like a tiger being forced to or uphold things will never fly with Feyra. Where there is a push or a shove comes a need to fight it within her. Needless to say, the she-wolf no matter who would be tempted to go against them just on her own instinct sake. Paired with her ability to find solutions to problems can make her a tough opponent. Feyra has never been one about brute strength. She uses her wits to out smart others. Where there is a difficult problem cropping up she will find a clever solution to handle it in no time.

Considering all of this it's clear that her loyalties are quite lacking. She doesn't trust easily and therefore does not give her own trust easily. Such being said, she'd also sell out for the right promise or coin as such is her nature. Feyra has a way with words and knows how to hold an audience. She has a way with words that garner attention easily.

Zadian Baroncelli x Hermine Baroncelli
Love Interest
Extended Family
mattou barconcelli - elder brother

sabriel barconcelli - sister


There is not a singular wolf that would do well to ignore the existance of Feyra for she is one of the most cunning wolves to walk the land. As a pup she followed her mother's steps so closely she almost always crashed into her rump. Fey was well known as a brat who got whatever it was she desired. Her weary and long aged father spoiled his daughter at every turn. On such an occasion as a yearling she found follow her mother in the dark of night. Only to see her lie with wolves that were not her father. Pelts blended together and the noises were something she'd never forget. Intrigued by these events she quickly hunted down a citizen she'd spied among the gathering and forced him with threats to teach her what she'd seen. The older male was appalled but couldn't risk being outted by a mere youth. He would have been killed for romancing with nobility as a simple lowly citizen of his station. With no other options he agreed but only once she turned her 2nd year. Begrudenly she agreed to his terms.

Feyra carelessly spend her days learning to track with the help of some hunters under her father's employment. She learned to catch and hold a scent well. Under her father's own teaching she learned how to manipulate, control, and break another wolf with the smallest of efforts. She just couldn't find the same joy he did in the act. As she turned two she followed through on her promise and cornered the servant forcing him to hold his promise. She learned what it meant to lie together. She was not impressed but she saw it offered great control over others and it proved that wolves had much looser lips during such.

Throughout the year she had spent her time plucking through their servants exploring her options and learning all the things no one wanted her to know. When she turned three years old she pleaded with her father to allow her to own a place of business. He was under the impression it was to be a noble wears shop with well fitted garmets and the like. Instead it was a brothel tucked with fabrics and scents of flower. During her 4th year of life he decided to surprise her at her business of course. He was surprised to have been led to a room with a plush fabic draped on the floor and the sight of his daughter giving a lesser male pleasure. Needless to say, Zadian Baroncelli collapsed holding his paw to his chest. Alas, daddy was dead.

Feyra felt a sort of pang of sadness but she was his spoiled girl and thus most of his spoils were left in her name. The house was left in her brother's name but he couldn't control Feyra she would kill him herself before she gave him control over her own life. Feyra has laid low the last year growing her business and securing other services such as fine wines and mild mannered gambling.


echru - bonobo - typical black - saved his life against being sold as meat. He promised loyalty to her no matter the cost.

maebe - yellow mongoose - sandy pelt with amber eyes. Bought for her as pet when it Maebe was a pup. joked that she maybe liked it so that's what her father dubbed her, ended up becoming her actual name.

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