Rolling hills stretched for miles, the breeze that carried in from the cove brought a fresh wave of scents and a slight chill that buried through her fur to tickle her skin. The warmth of summer was beginning to fade with each day, but still for now it graced her brown and creamy fur, warming the ends so that when the breeze did cut through, a soft chill ran down her spine and tingled through her back legs. It was momentous and quite rare to see her slow down for things, but today as she roamed with Bijou at her side she was taking her time. Large amber eyes staring off towards the lake of the mist, hoping that perhaps from so high up she might be able to see something, but she was gravely disappointed to find out that it was still shrouded in a veil of white even from this far away, even with the midday sun beating from above. Masked features turn with a smile towards the large hare, pausing at the top of a hill and tittering gently. "Do you think the war will come this far?" It was a sad question, though, for she often wondered why there was a need for such an atrocity.

"lana"| "bijou"


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