It had scarred. It wasn't a huge scar but it was still there. The tiniest of marks, something that a lesser wolf would ignore but not she. She was all too aware of her beautiful appearance and having just one little mark to mar her, had her infuriated. No matter how she tried to fix her fur, it there on the bridge of her nose, taunting her. Making her think of that damned peasant who'd left it there.

Her eyes were narrowed, snout wrinkled in frustration while she sat in front of the wide mirror. Tulqaq lay atop of one of her plush bear pelts, watching almost fearfully as he could feel his master's temper stewing just beneath the surface. One wrong word would set her off for sure.

His mouth opened, then closed, opened again, but then he buried his snout in his paws. Not wanting to be on the receiving end of her volatile mood swing. Fortunately, the patchwork wolf was too distracted to notice the rat about to stick his foot in his mouth and she went on trying to primp and preen. In the end it was no use. Feyra's wondrous medicines had done wonders to make the scar very small and hardly noticeable but it was still there. Sepharga gave an exaggerated sigh as she stomped away from the mirror, head down and eyes glaring at the floor. Tulqaq sat up and then bounced over to his master and sat up as he looked up at her with matching mismatched eyes.

"I'm not going to stay locked up in here. It's what that bitch would want. Come. We'll see who else is out and about today." And so help her if she ever saw that purplish yearling again, she'd... she'd... sic a guard on her!

Tulqaq bounced up onto Sepharga's head and then curled himself in his usual spot around her neck. Afterwards, Sepharga flounced out, manicured nails clicking on the polished ground as she went out to see what exactly she could poke her nose into.

Fairly soon, she found out exactly what in the form of a white she-wolf. If the woman had been a male, she might have swooned over the color of her fur. As it was though, Sepharga simply felt just a twinge of jealousy at the pristine coat that the other held. She had to quickly throw it behind her though as this woman was from a distinguished house. No cattiness allowed lest she squander the opportunity to form political alliances. "Lady Walson? Lady Walson?" The woman called out with a tinge of warmth and friendliness in her tone as attempted to hurry to catch up to the larger noblewoman. On the patchwork wolf's face as a bright smile as she tried to present herself as a trustworthy "friend". "Wait up! Do you have room for two more more?" Wherever was she going? Off to train? Such things were best left to the brutes in her opinion but to each their own.

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