Black fur ruffled in the wind as the beast kept a slow pace down the moors. His scars ached but it was a pain easily ignored; everything usually was. He was making his way to the pools of water down between the hills, and at the forefront of his mind he wondered where she was. It had been some time ago, when they were both a little older than yearlings that they had met. He could remember the day he took his freedom from his abusers. His family. The days that passed afterwards blurred together, Caedes had been hardly responsive until that scent of blood met his nares. So rich was the stench that he could taste it on his tongue, bringing the beast back from his stupor and leading him to the twin beast that he'd followed since. This was the image burned into his skull forever. The sight of her ripping the heart of her father out from his corpse.

Things had been clear since then. He hadn't felt regret for what he'd done to his keepers, but... what was he to do now? Caedes had been kept all his life, beaten into submission and forced to do as everyone else pleased. Now... he could do whatever he liked, and still he chose Loki. She had a way about her that beckoned and made way for purpose. It was strange at first, yet over time it became second nature to move as she moved.

Caedes stopped at the edge of the waters, peering over at his reflection for a moment before the long scars running across his muzzle wrinkled as his face contorted into a big yawn. They'd known each other for half their lives now, so it would have been a shame if he did not notice the nearly nonexistent sound of her nimble approach. "Loki." He greeted, though he did not look away from the crystalline waters.
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