It came as no surprise when she struck. Her limbs snaking around his neck, teeth finding purchase within the flesh of his shoulder. Though Caedes did not so much as blink, rather, he welcomed this greeting of hers. But what he did not expect was the moan which sent shudders down his spine. Surely she could feel that. His breathing hitched and his eyes closed for a moment- long enough to say one word as he sorted himself out. "Careful." As if to say, I can consume you too. Not a command, not out of some unknown concern, but a promise. They may have looked like brother and sister but they were not, he was a man and she a sadistic little devil woman. He wondered what that was for, yet he had never truly been the brains of this operation. His recovery was quick, turning to meet her gaze with his own toxic eyes. On his lips played a ghost of a smirk.

What indeed was it that he sought? He took his time finding an answer, shifting his weight to his haunches. "I look to remember my victory." Caedes rumbled plainly. His scars were from different things, but the ones that were not earned by battle were the ones given in torture. He considered both to be his victories, however. Now his tormentors were dead, and now he was the torturer- when given the chance. Loki was the only one who understood him, she'd come from similar circumstances but she was a different kind of beast. She was small yet intelligent enough to topple whosoever she set her sights on. Caedes was a beast of brutality, powerful in his own right yet he seldom thought he could win a battle against her. Not unless it was a match to the death. His gaze drifted down to her paws recalling the blood of her blood pooling there, running down her chest and the heart that almost seemed to beat within her dainty maw. He stared now having followed his imagination up to her inky lips and back to her venomous eyes. "I envy your execution of revenge. I should have enjoyed mine more." Caedes' eyes clouded in that way they did whenever he let his sadism run wild.

Loki may powerplay.