The place was lush, not the same kind of verdant as say a thick forest but beautiful none-the-less. As far as the eye could see stretched out before him a beautiful green decadent field. Everything smelled fresh, pristine as if the world and all its tragedy couldn’t touch its scape. Miakoh let green eyes, so soft and crystalline-like that they seemed almost deep set jade in some parts. He stepped forward, muscles rippling under his thick coat. Everything about him was large, even his paws that sank into the ground pushed far into the soil leaving a large imprint. One might think he moved more like a lumberjack but in reality, he moved quite well. Maybe not as agile as some due to his size but he was lighter on his feet than he appeared. He stepped past a tall, thick bush, a few scattering of flies dusted the air, bouncing about until finally finding a place to settle.

Times like this he realized he craved… needed this silence, this peace. More so with the fact that he forced himself not to leave. Keeping to a scent he knew as well as his own. Following it, keeping close enough to only taste the fading fragrance of the game. He was a coward. The thought entered his mind with poisonous intent, slicing into his flesh and soul easily as fangs ripping into warm flesh. How could he leave his family, his place of birth with his brothers and sisters, stolen from his alpha and not fight back at the injustice of it all. He breathed out, he knew himself to be foolish. But that was expected, life would never give him what he truly wanted. It only took.

With easy strides, he padded past a few wildflowers, limited but still lovely against the green backdrop. His figure cut a vivid contrast against the greenery, so stunning that he seemed more like a tumble weed, a dried bit of foliage caught in the beauty and sea of green. He stopped, his paws almost touching the bank just by the rivers edge. The scent of water clung to the air, sweet and wonderful. He leaned down, his tongue sliding out and curling up to scoop the water and bring it into his mouth. A sound, a bird fluttering past in a frantic departure alerted him. Ethereal blue eyes lifted, scanning the field before settling on a wolf. He watched the being for a time before speaking. “Welcome. I mean you no harm.”