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Stitch by stitch
11-04-2020, 01:12 AM
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I look the devil in the eye

She swallowed the resigned sigh that bubbled in her throat when he banged on the large wooden door of her home. There would be hell to pay soon enough. Candles flickered in the windows, the only sign of life until the door creaked open. She met the familiar gaze of another girl, she looked startled, undoubtedly surprised that she was out and about at such an hour. She would meet her gaze, willing the girl to hold her tongue and bow her head. Before anything else could transpire, all hell broke loose.

Her master would nearly rip the door off its hinges as he swung it open, shoving the other slave girl aside. He had been asleep, which would only make matters worse for her. She couldn't help the subtle flinch as he roared his rage. The man at her side offered no aid, not that she thought he would, instead he shoved her forward and into the waiting grasp of punishment. He snatched her mercilessly, dragging her past the threshold and throwing her carelessly to the floor. A muted grunt managed to escape her lips, otherwise she remained silent. He turned on her then, giving her no reprieve as she faced his ire. The grip he had on her throat was like a vice, effectively cutting off her air supply and inciting a panic. It was in vain that she tried to remain still, but when her lungs began to burn and scream with need, she couldn't resist the instinct that took over.

Caught up in her own struggle, she didn't notice that the man had worked his way in, standing halfway inside with a malicious grin on his lips. It was his voice that snatch both her attention and that of her enraged barons. His words were lost on her until she was released and she could greedily suck in a breath. The sound of coins striking the wood floors were ominous and commanded her stare. Eyes widened in horror as realization settled in. I do hope you'll consider. But it wasn't an offer, not in the slightest. No! She cried before biting down on her tongue. Her insolence would earn her a hard smack to the face and command for silence.

Scooting back, farther into the house was useless. She knew he wouldn't turn down this deal. She had never caused her Baron much trouble, but he had caught her sneaking out a time or two and while he craved to catch her again, he rarely did. It enraged him. Take her. Dark lips didn't even have time to offer a rebuttal before she was being dragged across the dusty floor and thrown at the strangers feet. Dread spread like poison through her veins. There was no doubt in her mind that he would be worse, so much worse to her. Fear gripped her, it sent her heart into overdrive and set her system on high alert. Doe like eyes would peek up through her lashes, meeting her new masters gaze. Ears flatten against her skull and her shoulders sagged with defeat. She'd been bought and sold.

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Adira is always rated MATURE for triggers including violence, abuse and sexual themes.
11-05-2020, 04:08 AM
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the gates of hell open to the sound of my laughter

The wolf’s chin cocked to the side as he watched the Baron choke the woman, curious in the way she laid limp in such a relentless grip. The submission was rather short lived though, for soon the mouse began to thrash and sputter. Ah, there it was. Self preservation was a hell of a motivator. The squabble only paused long enough for the angry stout man to turn that enraged gaze towards the door, and then towards the glint of bronze that rolled away into the darker shadows of the room. “No!” Harkon’s eyes flickered to the beaten woman, whose mouth was agape in horror at the realization of what it was he offered. A smile would split his lips at the same time her Baron would strike her hard, knocking her and her objection back to the floor.

It was only moments after that the mouse was dumped at his paws, and he wondered just who had he purchased if the man had been willing to part with her for so little. Harkon fixed hiz citrine gaze on the woman who looked up at him with wide and wet eyes. “I told you, mouse, I don’t take things that don’t belong to me.” He’d lean down slowly until his lips brushed against her ear. “And now you do.” When the wolf straightened he would see the man climbing the stairs and the servant girl left to gather the coins he dropped.

“A pleasure doing business.” Harkon would say, voice suddenly stark and loud, to the fleeting form of the Baron. He felt Morgrim fuss over their bond but conceded to a familiar calm moments after. The wolf would look briefly at his new possession before turning to leave, giving no indication for her to follow other than his departure. And it was in silence that they would walk through the twisted streets of the Marketplace until they came to the edge of it where the buildings became more ramshackled and leaning and the windows stale and dusty.

It was here Harkon would stop, look back into the shadows of the cluster of buildings and distant voices. It was not immediately clear what he was waiting for, nor why he would suddenly turn on his little mouse and press his nose under her chin to lift her head skyward. He’d look at her throat, the fur there plastered with saliva and the faint scent of blood, and still he did not speak. Not until the soft clattering of coin drew his attention to the shadows where Morgrim would emerge carrying a worn leather satchel.

Harkon grinned as his beast approached, but it was when his eyes found the bulging bag that his smile stretched wider. “Well, well, well, Morgrim,” the mandrill revealed the contents within before moving to deposit them into his own purse, and Harkon looked curiously at the woman. Had she recognized her Baron’s satchel? “Interest paid on an otherwise bleak investment.” The deep rumbling chuckle licked at the space between them, a space that he closed in order to lean in to speak into her ear once more. “You will learn quickly that I do not care for worthless things.” He’d move to catch her eye now, that smirk forever playing his lips. “You’re plain of fur. A backbone as limp as spring grass. Docile as the goats I slaughter for lunch. So tell me, mouse, is there anything of worth about you?”

It was an open challenge. An assessment. Pray you don’t dissapoint.

Harkon speaks . Morgrim speaks.
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11-21-2020, 03:12 AM
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Where she comes from...

It was only a matter of seconds and her entire life would shift. His point had been proven, he didn't take what didn't belong to him, but in exchange for a few measly coins, she was now his. His lips pressed to her ear, his breath tickled the delicate hairs causing the appendage to twitch. A distraction came in the form of a ripple of anxiety that was not her own. Miko. It had taken practice to not react to the mouses presence, to not alert someone to his presence. She didn't worry about him making himself known, she knew he would stick to the shadows and remain unseen, but now she was leaving and she wasn't entirely sure he'd be able to follow.

She wouldn't time to dwell on her friend and their impending separation for her new master was leaving. He briefly looked her way but gave no indiction that she was to follow though she still felt the proverbial jerk on her leash. What would happen if she refused? It was a fleeting thought and she remained hot on his heels. Her gaze was fixated on the ground in front of her as she walked in silence, trailing after the man that had bought her for less than what she had been purchased for in the past.

As the scenery around them changed, she took no notice, not until her new master came to a halt. Amber eyes would lift and would widen slightly as she took in the poor neighborhood. The buildings were in shambles at best, the entire area suggested nothing good happened here. Unease rippled down her spine and she subconsciously stepped closer to her newest master. There was no telling if he'd offer her protection or not but she'd like to think he'd protect his latest investment. When he turned on her, she was surprised but her skull would tip back without resistant nonetheless. He remained silent a he examined her throat that was smeared with salvia. She could feel the faint sting of broken skin but it wasn't anything that would kill her, plus she survived worst.

The soft clink of coins would draw both their attentions and it wouldn't take long for her to recognize the satchel that the beast carried. It was catch her attention and shed a bit of light on her new master. He referred to it as interest on his poor investment. He was a business man. Already the gears of her mind turned, wondering how she could spin it to benefit her, to make her life just a little easier. Outwardly, she gave no indication one way or the other.

His deep, rumbling chuckle was followed by an invasion of her space once more, his lips brushing against the curve of her ear. I do not care for worthless things. It was not a new insult and it rolled easily off her back. She remained silent and compliant. That is until he asked is there anything of worth about you? At first, she didn't know what to say, she wasn't sure what to tell him. Did she lay it all out now or continue to hold her secret close? Her amber eyes shifted to the beast and then to the man before her.

His challenge was clear and she feared him more than she had any man before him. There was something about that suggested he wouldn't blink as he killed her. Survival had always been her goal. I'm educated. So few words and yet they held the key to the biggest secret she had ever kept. And she gave it away to a mere stranger. My mother taught me what she knew and I have continued to teach myself. Her gaze remained fixated on his and her voice remained silky soft. Part of the reason she snuck out at night was so that she could continue to learn, so that she could experience some semblance of life. But would it be enough for him?

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Adira is always rated MATURE for triggers including violence, abuse and sexual themes.
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