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the night half-gone
10-16-2020, 02:31 PM
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The wind whipped around her in its summery, gentle lull; the tangling of wispy furs whipping across her cheeks was always familiar, and the narrowing of her red eyes could see past the fluttering onyx tendrils. Wolves hunted during the day, but cats in their crepuscular manner prowled at night, and even as the years drawled by the herds could still not learn all of Tinúviel's tricks. Laeg prowled just ahead of her, reaching his thoughts forward and tethering himself to Tinny so that she could remain wordlessly on the slopes, watching as the faltering light of the sun scored the sky in a pinkish light. Beside her were two other hunters, aching and ready and unused to Tinúviel's plan; under hushed breaths did they continue to pry, has he found them yet?, but with each second encroaching like a drawn-out breath, Laeg crept closer and closer to the unsuspecting herds.

Toward the northwardly plains, straight ahead.

As Laeg's instructions flitted disembodied through her ears, Tinúviel finally turned to her companions: “Let's go.” Quietly, she leapt from her position on the moorside and rushed down the hill, swift yet blissfully silent, her their frames weaving through the grasses and avoiding every overturned log, every tangled root. She could feel Laeg's excitement surge through her as they approach, and the closer they became, the more their hearts beat as one. The hunting party did not stop and wait once they came upon the cougar, wasting no time in rushing past him and allowing him to catch up, taking the tail of the hunting party as they swiftly launched into the fray. As if of one mind, they all convened upon a young doe lingering outside of the group, freshly out of calf-hood yet large enough to feed a bigger group of them. The guise of night aided them, and unable to see the snapping jaws of hunters surrounding it, it leapt swiftly into the unknown along with her scattering herd.

Tinúviel leapt skyward as the doe's frame soared over her, catching the beast at her throat. Soreness radiated through her shoulder as she and the beast collided into the ground, but their struggle did not last long, as the hunter's companions swiftly aided in subduing their prey. Eventually, the struggle ended, and the doe passed mere moments after they had launched their ambush. See? Hain ceri- ú- expect ammen at telu. The idea had been Laeg's, of course: the brilliant cougar knew that combining a feline's hunting habits with a wolf's numbers might prove overwhelming for a herd. Tinúviel's companions begrudgingly agreed, more content to bring their prize back to the tribe. The leaders had been skeptical, but surely, they would be proud of the young hunters that night.

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Black as inky tar, reflective as shimmering oil, the serpent bathed not in the heat of the sun but rather the shade of the rocky spires that jutted from the hillside and sought to impregnate the sky. She was small, seemingly inconsequential in a braid of twisted shadows and yet her eyes claimed everything that sprawled before her with a cunning sharpness that spoke of her utter attentiveness to the world around her. The herd danced just beyond the flicker of her tail, indulging in gluttony, seemingly oblivious to the poison that lurked in their midst, or perhaps if they noticed her, they assumed her lackadaisical prowess was indicative of her quelled hunger. They would be false in such an assumption. Loki's appetite was a black hole, a swirling vortex of ravenous depravity that consumed everything in it's path. She hungered... just not for the coppery spill of iron upon her tongue or the sinew that clung to her teeth.

Her tail flickered, the only sign of life to emerge from her before the herd startled and a mixture of wolf and feline poured from the trees with all the devastation of a flooded river. Loki's poisonous eyes watched the assault with astute sharpness. Claw and fang tore into flesh, the doe leaped... and that would be her final act of living will. The killing blow was one of brutality that saw predator and prey skidding across the dirt only to stop some ten feet from her place in the shadows. Loki's skull rose, her posture regal and elegant as her tail shifted to tuck neatly along her side. Her claws twitched, her lip pulled but she made no further movement to either intervene or announce her presence... and the predators who so rejoiced in their kill seemed none the wiser. Her eyes narrowed, her distaste a potent singe in the back of her throat. Discourtesy was common amidst the uncouth of The Moor and yet could they not attempt to be more than the barbaric heathens devoid of cleverness and wit?

"A powerful strike, a potent kill." Loki's voice was low, a deep baritone that never changed in pitch or tone and yet... it commanded the space around her with subtle dominance and power. From the weight of her attention, to the sharpness of her gaze, Loki's aura was intense even when her body remained prone and still. "A pity it is wasted on the doe and not something more befitting such a warrior's prowess." She rumbled, the manipulation carving through the air with subtlety. She hadn't slipped into the shadows intent on inspiring agency in the psyche of another and yet she found herself indulgent by the opportunity.

"Hear me speak"

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