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10-17-2020, 02:34 PM
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He traveled south, to the moors, where the dog had finally lifted. He had only explored here a small bit, but White Timber wanted to observe every nook and cranny he could. Orsina was beside him, as usual, lumbering along with her massive frame. Within the high sun’s rays, her brown pelt glittered with natural highlights, and her shadow cast wide. Their offspring were tucked away within a tree trunk back in the woods where they were instructed to wait for their return. The large iron wolf meandered along, a stoic expression which bordered on angry graced his finely chiseled visage. His posture and pace was a regal speed, corpulent skull was held high, his chest broadened, and his shoulders relaxed.

Birds flew overhead, and the grizzly’s attention was thrown in their direction. She looked up, her nose wriggling, attempting to sniff at whatever the birds ran from. White Timber, on the contrary, didn’t think much of them. Birds flew away at the change of wind, but he was no fool and knew they could also be a sign of something ahead.
”We will encounter whatever caused that, I’m sure.”
Thunderous tones rumbled, almost as if to reassure the bear. She merely grunted in return, and her head swung back down away from the sky.



10-19-2020, 01:55 AM
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There was always something about his normal expression that seemed borderline angry. The lines of his strong brow half-furrowed and his eyes, though looking at everything around him, seemed to look past everything. He and Sinclair were both quietly surveying the terrain, moving through it quickly and with purpose; the captain merely scouting before sending his initiates out into the expanded world. Sinclair's young though still powerful antlers twisted, ending in elegant cups that spiked forward reaching three tines a piece. The deer's shaggy throat latch beginning to thicken and darken with the season, and even his own large eyes held a certain harshness within them. The swaying pair of antlers cut through the air with silence, like prose read in the sound of silence. The odd pair rounded a small mound some smaller birds took flight, chattering angrily at him as they rose swiftly to the sky, not even bothering with nearby perches and leaving them with the bustling sound of their frantic feathers flapping.

Further they pressed through some brush until White Timber and Orsina came into view, long limbs paused and both beasts held their gait in place. From a first glance he could tell this wolf seemed vaguely familiar, perhaps he'd seen him at the Order meetings, though he couldn't fully place him. He could not place them all, for there were many and their voices frequently got lost among the chaos, and sometimes standing out was not necessarily the most lucrative of routes (instantly his mind remembered Soren). His baritone voice rumbled past his lips as his argent gaze fell upon White Timber. "Birds are about all I've found out here." He would gauge how to proceed from WT's response, sizing him up but only briefly.

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