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A Little Time For Me
11-04-2020, 06:23 AM
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With Erion off doing his own thing today, Iolaire had spent time in the garden. She spoke to the plants, plucked the nasty weeds, worked a little on the planter box that she had been crafting, and then decided that she'd had enough. Her paws were a little sore from stacking the saplings for the box. What better way to help that soreness than to take a much needed soak?

Taking up some of her homemade soap that was lightly scented with herbs and honeysuckle, the tri-colored lady made her way to the lake's edge. Though mist shrouded the area, the sun above filtered through enough to make the shallow waters a little warm. Submerging her entire frame, Iolaire soaked her fur. It soaked into her very being, it felt like. It was a very comforting feeling. She'd always enjoyed swimming in lakes and ponds. Oceans were another story. Pushing off of the rocky bottom, Io swam out into the deeper waters of the lake just to work her muscles a bit.

In time, swimming was enough. Cutting back through the misted waters, Io's dainty paws soon touched bottom. Taking up the soap that she'd left on a nearby rock, she worked it into a later before working it through her thick, obsidian, ash and snow fur. She was pretty determined to not get filthy for the rest of the evening and so she'd chosen one of her favorite soaps for the occasion.

After soaping and rinsing, the slender lady pulled herself onto one of the large, flat rocks that bordered the lake. Sprawling out on her belly with fore and rear legs extended, she lay herself out to dry. The summer air was warm and a gentle breeze danced through the trees that surrounded the lake. She was sure that she'd be dry in no time. Or at least she'd be dry by the time Erion returned home, whenever that would be.


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11-19-2020, 07:01 AM
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The Lake of Mist. What an original name! You know, said no one ever. This was a place that Ozai came to when he didn't want to be bothered. Ozai liked to travel where the mist was the thickest; all the better to see him, amirte? His coat and overall appearance gathered enough attention that Ozai liked to sometimes be alone to himself. Being a pirate an' all was the perfect excuse to go whereever he pleased.

On the lookout for treasures and.. hello. What's this? A mighty nice find of a living, breathing treasure. A female bathing in the same area that Ozai was relaxing in. Of course it was a female. At least this one was nice on the eyes. She moved to lay on some flat rock, though, Ozai's ears flickering as silver-pink eyes watched her from afar. He'd approach her slowly, nose lingering just inches above the water as eyes tried to scan the surface. "Good day." Ozai would greet, though casually, as he paused to dig at something, though there was nothing there - it was just a show, to make it look like he was doing something and you know, not creeping. "Not often I find another here. Shame, I'll have to find a better place to scout of fancy treasures."

11-19-2020, 01:23 PM
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Obsidian ears perked, swiveling to catch the sound of approaching paws. The minuscule woman was always on alert. Partially because of her small stature, but mostly because she was naturally observant. There was little to fear when she was so close to home. Her giant knight was always nearby. So, as the much larger wolf approached, Iolaire merely tipped her skull back on her neck so that she could fully see him. Would he speak or would he simply walk on by? It wasn't completely unusual to see a stranger pass by this way. The lake was massive. She couldn't claim the whole damn thing. They didn't usually come so close though.

Again, ears perked as the brute spoke. The tri-colored fae dipped her head in a nod, green-gold eyes sliding closed momentarily. "And to you," she replied in silken tones. He seemed to be looking for something in the dirt but who was she to judge about that? Being a healer and herbologist, Io's white toed paws were constantly in the dirt.

The man's next words brought a soft, yet throaty chuckle from the dark lady and she gave her skull a light shake. "What's seen as treasure differs depending on who's looking. My treasure comes in the form of plants. The shiny bits are all yours." She only assumed that he wasn't the gardening type. Somehow she couldn't picture this big boy elbow deep in dirt and worms. His stature made her think that his profession was more... physical.


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