This had been a long time coming.

He rested as well as could be, shifting slightly as evening began to invade the world. A slight increase of pain as he became aware of his own existence again. Thinking of Twig, and how terribly god damn stupid he had been. He had wandered here a month ago in search of herbs and other things, delighted to find a new expanse to traverse. It had been on that morning he stumbled upon the bear cub. Startled at first, he tried to move on until mama came rumbling out. The rest as they say is history.

So for these last few weeks he'd been stuck here, nursing a few broken ribs and a rather nasty wound across his chest. Luckily the moors had been rather desolate after that, and he mostly managed to escape with out further consequence. Hiding out in a rather hidden little nook, mostly avoiding any company. A delirious fever had set hold for the first few days, and it was only recently he had began to appreciate his surroundings again. This evening was just the start, stumbling out onto solid ground and inhaling that bittersweet air.

He was in need of water. A revelation slowly taking over, he attempted to make his way towards sources unknown. It was rather chilly out here, and despite himself he ssf shivered once or twice. He was moving a little stiffly, but overall was getting back on top of shit. He had managed to make it halfway down the slope, when he spotted the fresh-kill of a small Doe. The blood still stains fresh upon the ground. He halted immediately and glanced around, given the current state of affairs he could hardly afford to have a unexpected confrontation again. However he also was not a coward and he he let out a sharp angry bark. There had been no other phases of his kind here he had seen so far, and just like a cat curiosity always came around to claim him. Taking a few careful steps back but not to far to see who might be entailed in this new adventure.