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11-21-2020, 07:10 AM (This post was last modified: 11-21-2020, 07:17 AM by Satchel.)
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He hated it here.

A rather weary gaze Cast upon everything, he moved as easily as things might allow. A short of trepidation, you're not been here in a long time it did not desire it now. A sharp sense of awareness as he trespassed upon things, more than slightly aware of what was going on. He could not get himself about anything, and with a slight inhale he went forth to greet the world.

There was a terrible bitterness in his heart he was trying so hard to shake free. Torn between two places, the desire to be who he might be in he had yet to become. You still hold a stiff gait, gazing up at the half moon but took hold everything. There's not an ounce of here could there take hold, and he suppose that is why he came back here. If only to find her. As a Harbinger he was the worst thing in existence, unfortunately he could care less. Camping along the outer edges, wondering what just might happen after all.

It happened quite by accident.

As he wandered the through the desolate streets, a small straight thing ran across his path. Hunger gnawing at the very bones of himself, he can chase. Somehow it managed to get away and he collided quite violently with a sudden stack of wood. Entangled for a second, he pulled himself out of roughly wondering what might be around.

"Yea Baby Giv

11-21-2020, 07:31 AM
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The cool crisp night are, felt good. The heated fight this morning only made the old man want to patrol for much longer. Taking his time through the empty streets, hoping to clear his mind if only for a brief moment. Listening carefully, from the next street over. The commotion of nails against stone, and a sudden crash of wood , snapped Farkas out of the odd, distant mood he was in. Moving quietly to investigate, the day at least brought him entertainment, as well as a chance to test the strength of the younger generations. Watching from the shadows. His golden clad gaze locked into the figure coming out of the wood pile, watching his next move carefully.

11-21-2020, 08:02 AM
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Quickly did he disentangle himself.

A sharp gaze of Orange, suddenly aware of something in the shadows. As he moved, exhales quietly and became suddenly defensive. He was very well aware of what he was, watching closely golden gaze upon him. He was well aware of the other creature in his vicinity. Fighting every goddamn instinct to attack, he composed himself rather roughly. It was hard to break certain habits. Yet here he was.

There was a shadow over there something more intriguing then care to guess. A silent yet careful Observer, that he could respect. Shaking himself off, he still had a slight amount of hostility to him as he glanced around. He did not trust this wolf, did not trust anyone. Except on the rare occasion that ended up having him here. With no fear he moved out into the open, No fear to take hold.

By the stench of everything it was only one wolf, and what's this knowledge he let out a rather rough response. Gangster is as gangster does. "So you coming out or not?" attempting to convey neutrality, he did not attempt to come any further. Only an idiot would rush into things unknown.


Baby Giv

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