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Bellum, Sybil
12-02-2020, 12:14 AM
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Sybil Bellum
OOC Name: Saffie
Other characters: Lucia and Adira
Affiliation: Order
Specialization: Templar

Age: 2 years
Birthdate: Winter
Build: 2'3" tall, 120lbs
Appearance: Black and white pelt, blue eyes

Familiar: Not at this time
Pregnancy Opt-In: Yes

12-20-2020, 03:58 PM
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You close your eyes to sleep...

There is nothing but darkness. Your sleep is usually dreamless, but you know you're not awake. Suddenly, you are surrounded by the smell of roasted meat, you hear faint laughter in the distance, there is a warm and comforting feeling that soothes your nerves and soothes your rough exterior. As the darkness falls away, you find yourself wandering the halls of the Citadel. Wolves pass you like blissful blurs, offering small hello's and nods of greeting as you pass. In their eyes is admiration, glory, contentment. They look to you as if you are their almighty leader, their true protector.

Is this not the life you crave, dear child?
Don't you wish to have glory and riches beyond your wildest dreams?

A disembodied voice rattles your very bones. It is so deep you are uncertain of what gender or age it belongs to, but it feels as if they've connected to your very soul. And despite the gravity in its gravely tone, you feel oddly content. Yes...this is what you crave, isn't it? Deep down, you've always wanted power and respect. Even if it's something you've never thought of, it's as if it's some part of carnal, innate part of you. It's as if it's apart of your very soul. You continue to wander down the familiar hallways, the sounds of laughter increasing, and you know exactly where you are heading: The King's chamber.

The crown belongs to you. This city belongs to you.
Everyone else are simply worms beneath your feet.

As you enter the King's chamber, you find his throne empty. You know King Eridanus did not often leave his seat, so to see it empty is such a tantalizing treat. Despite his empty seat, however, scores of nobles and merchants stand to the sides of the hallway, their eyes aglow and on you as you stride down the chamber. The faces of children are alight with joy, their mothers and fathers watching you with admiration and respect. The soldiers that stand to attention tense in your presence, if only out of overwhelming fear that your powerful existence commands. And as you creep closer to the throne, you feel your heart beginning to pound faster in your chest; and just as your paw reaches out to touch the ancient stone, the voice comes again, so loud it is almost deafening:

Yes, yes! It is yours. It is all yours.
All you have to do is take it.

Last night, as @Sybil laid her head to sleep, she experienced a very promising dream.
What could this mean? Begin your adventure and find out!

On behalf of the staff, welcome to Frostbound!

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