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12-02-2020, 12:17 AM
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OOC Name: Saffie
Other characters: Adira and Sybil
Affiliation: Harbinger
Specialization: Scholar

Age: 3 years
Birthdate: Winter
Build: 2'3", 120lbs
Appearance: Mauve/grey pelt with darker forelegs and a off white face, lavender eyes.

Familiar: Cara, black falcon
Pregnancy Opt-In: Yes

12-20-2020, 03:57 PM
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You close your eyes to sleep...

You stand upon the precipice of a battered world. Your eyes are heavy, the cold wind batters your each and every step. You think now there is nothing that can save you, you will die frozen atop this mountain, and there will be no memory of you to outlive you. And when all hope seems lost, you see in the corner of your gaze a flicker of blinding blue light on the distant gray horizon. It approaches, and as it does grows brighter and brighter until you are blinded by it. The wind stops, and you feel a warmth that grows like fire before your face, but the light is still too bright to open your eyes and face it. A voice fills you entirely, disembodied, as if reaching right for your very soul. It is soft, and kind, and motherly:

Fear not, my child, I will not let you die here.

You feel something ethereal lift you off the ground, embracing you in a softness you’d never encountered before. The light dims enough for you to open your eyes, but you cannot make out if it takes any shape. The world shifts around you, and you are suddenly not on top of the mountain anymore. Instead, you are in a meadow, surrounded by colorful blooming flowers. A warm breeze whisks across your lips, and it smells like pine and honeydew.

The world has crumbled in your absence; they have taken what I have created and razed it.
But it is not too late to save this sacred haven.

Her words confuse you, hurt you. You feel a heaviness in your head pounding like an ache, a weight in your chest that makes it hard to breathe. The meadow you stand in begins to burn away, and though it fires does not touch you, you feel as if your skin is alight. You hear screams in the far distance - mourning, heaving, dying. Memories rush through you with great and aching momentum, until it stops, suddenly and harshly. You are left desperate for breath, crying, and gasping.

For you, my child, have been spared their hatred. You will cleanse this wretched place.
You will gut it, and cleave the evil seething from its chest.

Last night, as @Lucia laid her head to sleep, she experienced a dream, a calling.
What could this mean? Begin your adventure and find out!

On behalf of the staff, welcome to Frostbound!

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